Friday, December 14, 2012

Quote of the week

Joy is an intermezzo of gratitude that interrupts the routine motion of life. 

Our lives, for the most part are motion and struggle. But now and then joy comers to arrest the motion, it stops the tedious ticking of our life-clocks with the bracing discovery that we have received a gift... stilling, for a moment anyway, the haunting anxiety that maybe life is made only of the stuff that hurts and angers, and makes us feel small and stupid and phony, there comes a sense that life - now, here, today - is a gift worth blessing God for. 

That's joy!
--Lewis B. Smedes Author, 1982
(Hat tip to Rev. Alvin Jackson)


  1. Glad to see the reference to Alvin Jackson--he is my former pastor from National City.

  2. Great quote. The first sentence is a gem in itself! Glad to see reference to Alvin Jackson--where is he now?

  3. Carolyn, he is pastor of Park Avenue Christian Church in NYC.