Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No more hurting people ...

                    No more hurting people. Peace.

Is that not the very essence of all religious  traditions?
Are we not here to alleviate suffering?
The Prophet Muhammad taught us:  ”The believers, in their love, mutual kindness, and close ties, are like one body; when any part complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever.”
This is our response, as one human community: the suffering of others is our own suffering.
Our suffering is connected because our humanity is shared.
We are caught up in this woven pattern of humanity together.
If you can, bring joy and love to humanity.

If you cannot—and you can—at least cause no harm.

From Omid Safi's blog What Would Muhammad Do?  

Omid Safi is Professor of Islamic Studies at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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