Saturday, October 27, 2012

A new Foundry in town

Foundry Lofts is leasing apartments in their beautiful renovated historic building in Southeast Washington, not far from the ball park. 

I called Foundry Lofts and told Pattie who answered the phone that I thought they had come up with a wonderful name for their building. I asked her why they decided to call it Foundry Lofts. 

She said that it had formerly been a joint and machinery manufacturing building. She wasn't in the room when the name Foundry Lofts was chosen, but she thought it was because Foundry Lofts is catchier than Joint and Machinery Lofts. 

I think they called it Foundry Lofts because the name Foundry has so many positive feelings attached to it here in Washington, DC. 

By the way, the Foundry Lofts slogan is "Forge a new LIFE at Foundry Lofts." The slogan works just as well if you replace the word "Lofts" with the word "Church," doesn't it?

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