Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Praying with my ipad

Anybody who has been around Foundry at all has heard me tell about how I start my day with my ipad and my prayer lists.

One list is a list of people and circumstances I pray about. A person trying to make a parenting decision. Someone just diagnosed with a disease. Someone wrestling with a mental illness. Her father. Someone waiting for biopsy results. Someone looking for a job. Someone trying to find the strength to forgive a loved one. A strained marriage. Someone whose parents refuse to come to his wedding.

The other list is prayers for Foundry's ministries ... ending homelessness, ending GLBTQ discrimination, rebuilding Haiti's future, ending the prison to cradle pipeline.

My ipad has actually helped my prayer life. I am less likely to forget.

Someone emailed me a link to a wonderful website about prayer by photojournalist Steve McCurry.  Find it here. Email has strengthened my prayer life as well.

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