Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Love your neighbor?

A new CBS/60 Minutes poll says that seven out of 10 Americans don't believe that Scientology is a true religion.

Is Scientology a true religion?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know/ N/A

Seventy-nine percent of evangelicals, 74 percent of Protestants, and 72 percent of Catholics surveyed responded that they did not think Scientology is a religion, according to a Religion News Service story.

Scientologists are our neighbors here at Foundry. We are immediately north of P Street. They are immediately south. I say hello to a scientologist almost everyday. 

Our Scientology neighbors are out on the street corner inviting folk in morning, noon, and night.

I once wore my Sunday Night at Foundry tee-shirt when I was shopping at my local health food store. The clerk saw the address 16th and P Sts. NW on my shirt and asked me if I was with the scientists. "Do you mean the Scientologists?" I asked.
 "Yes," he said. "My friends keep telling me I should take their mental health test."
"I am not with them, but we have a great Sunday evening service across the street," I said.
"I want to take the science test," he said.

If Scientologists are not a religion, they surely are evangelistic about whatever it is they are.

We could learn from them, maybe. 


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