Monday, October 29, 2012

Ask the pastor ... pets in heaven?

I was invited to be a guest pastor in the Pastor's Corner of a brand new animal welfare website called Humane Dominion begun by Reasa Currier who attended Foundry before moving too far away.

The question was about whether someone could have any basis for hope that they would see a beloved pet again in heaven.

John Ortberg would have said that it depends on whether it was a dog or a cat. It was a cat.

Here's my answer.

How would you have answered the question? Please comment below.

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  1. Your answer is nice.

    My own belief is that animals don't go to heaven. I believe that the only existence they will ever experience is the one they have here on earth. For that reason, I believe in doing everything possible to make their lives here enjoyable. To Linda, I would say that if Samantha had a good life with her, that life was heaven for Samantha.

    I am often dismayed by how little regard most Christians have for animals, and am pleased to see groups like Humane Dominion being established. I hope we can go further and make our own churches cruelty-free. I find it tragic and incomprehensible that most church luncheons I attend include meat from factory-farmed chickens. Even the cupcakes are made with factory-farmed eggs! If we truly care about animals, let's dine on chickpeas instead of chickens, and get cupcakes from cruelty-free bakeries. (In DC that would probably mean Sticky Fingers Bakery.)

    If I'm wrong about heaven and all creatures end up there, I will be most happy to be proven wrong.