Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talk to the animals!

Last Sunday something like 20 dogs and two cats came to be blessed at Foundry Church's first blessing of the animals.

Our Scripture was Job 12:7 "But ask the animals and they will tell you ..."

I fell in love with one little guy who was so cute and vulnerable that I could hardly stand it. But he obviously was already very much in love with his human companion and only willing to tolerate me. But just look at that face!

Another guy must have been an introvert. All the other animals and people around him seemed too, too much for him. He hid under Pastor T's robes and did not want to come out.

We were especially thrilled that we had a special guest at the blessing. Scoop! Scoop is our friendly and lovable neighbor here in Dupont Circle who reminds us to scoop up after our pets.

It was a great Sunday afternoon. We are planning to do it again next year on the second Sunday of September.

Our thanks to all the creatures who came out to be part of the service.

Our special thanks to Doggy Style Bakery Boutique & Pet Spa and Planet Pet who provided treats and door prizes.

Pastor Dawn taste-tested the doggie snacks and said they were great!

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